Wearable Nail Art for Your Everyday Life

The whole manicure. One price.

Receive a complimentary bottle of SolarOil at your first appointment to keep your natural nails healthy + help your manicure last longer.

A blonde woman holds her hands at her chin. Her nails are short, quare, and red!

Taking on Life, One Manicure at a Time

Hey, Nailfriend! We see you making the world a fun + beautiful place for you + yours!

You want it all – love, adventure, relationships – in all the ways that make life wonderful.

While you’re out there living your best life,

You don’t have time to slap on a coat of nail polish on the way to happy hour.

You want more than a busy drop-in at the first nail salon you see on the way home from the grocery store.

Just like you can depend on your besties to deliver when you’re under the weather, you need a nail stylist who will make sure your 20 final details are ready to celebrate whatever occasion pops up.

That’s where we come in! Welcome to Nailfriends.

How Can We Help You Shine?

SHELLAC Gel Polish

Banish wet polish smudges FOREVER with instantly dry Shellac manicures + pedicures! Our gel polish is UV-cured + removes easily, protecting your natural nails with 2-week wear.

Nail Enhancements

Transform your nubs into sleek, natural-looking nails that withstand everything from the carseat buckle (8 times a day) to the last-minute dinner party to celebrate your BFF’s promotion.

Manicures + Pedicures

Maintain your natural nails with regular care to prevent hangnails + fresh polish to protect them from peeling + tearing. Patience, grasshopper: our polish of choice, Vinylux, dries seatbelt safe in 10 minutes.

Our Work