One Page Nail Salon Website

We loved creating this one-page website for a nail salon partnership inside a full service salon + spa.

They knew exactly what they were good at, what they wanted to focus on + which clients they wanted to attract.

That’s the foundation of a great salon website that attracts your dream clients… and repels the nightmare clients!

The boring stuff you need: booking site link, domain name, salon information + logo.

We start all of our Website Spa Day packages with an intake session we call the Welcome Party. In this session, we go over all the juicy details needed to craft the words that sing to your dream clients… and send bad-fit clients back to their Google search.

Why salon website copy matters

When you’re about to make a new purchase, do you prefer to have someone help you or do you like to

Salon website copy is kinda similar, in that it uses scientific persuasion, human psychology + decision making techniques to ensure only the dreamiest clients who are READY to spend their money + time book.

No more wondering if that new client booked the right service.

Or worrying if you’ll like them.

Or if they’ll like you.

Never again feel torn between the thrill of getting a new client from Google + the panic attack of serving a stranger.

Strategic copywriting is what makes it possible to get dream clients from the internet. And that’s what makes our salon website service work.

 Click play below and have a look at this perfect one page website.

Is a One Page Website Spa Day right for your salon? Book a chat here.

How Can I Help?

a person wearing an oversized orange sweater reaches out a teal manicured hand

Nail Skills Classes

Challenge those talented hands of yours with award winning education by CND. Stay up-to-date on science-based technology that outlasts fads, trends + media-driven scare tactics.

Classes come with fully stocked class kits, certificates + swag. CND classes count for CE credits, but double check with your distributor host for paperwork.

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Grow Your Clientele

Client referrals are a solid, tried + true way to grow your business. But does waiting for for them feel like watching grass grow?

Use your website + social media together strategically to fill your books for you with ideal clients. Totally worth losing the nightmare Groupon gossip. (It’s more fun to tell happy stories at happy hour anyway.)